Learning at Home

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Academy has closed for an unspecified period. Students are expected to complete set tasks and research topics for each of their subjects.

Parents click here for some remote learning guidance.

Studying at home guidance for students:

  • On each school day log on to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or the online platforms suggested below:

Click here for Microsoft Teams

Quick start guide to Microsoft Teams

Click here for GCSEpod

Support Contact Email

If you have any queries or require assistance regarding login/access issues for Microsoft Teams please email the following address:  support@miltonkeynesacademy.org.uk. If you have any other queries, please contact info@miltonkeynesacademy.org.uk.

Use the ‘forgotten password’ tool if you are unable to log in to web based sites below.

Subject areasResources for independent learning KS4 & KS5
ArtLearning resources for Catering and DT on Moodle

Illuminate Publishing Food preparation and nutrition Online text book

EDUQAS website : Food Preparation and Nutrition > Select Digital resources · > Choose from available topics, videos, links and worksheets

BBC Bitesize – Home Economics


Seneca learning

BBC Bitesize – Business

Seneca Learning

BBC Bitesize – Computer Science

Craig’n’Dave AQA GCSE Computer Science videos

Seneca Learning

Mr Bruff videos

Accelerated Reader- student

Accelerated Reader – parent

Bedrock Vocabulary

If you forget your password for Accelerated Reader or Bedrock Vocabulary or you do not have a login email library support.
Humanities GCSEPod
MathsHegarty Maths


If you forget your password for Mathswatch or HegartyMaths or you do not have a login email maths support.


Corbett Maths

BBC Bitesize
MFL Linguascope

Performing Arts /
Digital Theatre Plus

Watch performances and interviews from Frantic Assembly

Search for Physical Theatre (there is a playlist).
ScienceSeneca Learning

Active learn


Khan Academy

Seneca Learning
GeneralCollins CoBuild dictionary that gives student friendly definitions

MK Libraries / eBooks/ other electronic resources

Free audio books

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