MKA Values

Our Values

At The Milton Keynes Academy:

We endeavour to nurture our community of inquisitive young minds in order to help them excel, and to prepare them for the wider world. We give our students the stimuli to spark the imagination and we encourage them to ‘think big’, both inside and outside the classroom.

Our vision is to empower students so that they are able to take control of their own future, and have enhanced life chances, because of their learning with us. We support our students through a celebratory approach to develop exceptional attitudes to learning and to self-manage their behaviour, and to always be resilient, respectful, reflective, and ready to learn. 

Our school is an inclusive school – everyone is welcome; we are committed to continuing to develop as a school that celebrates our diversity, our community, and our city so that our students are excited to see their potential within our world.

  • Respect- Students at MKA treasure respect, we listen to others and their ideas, they show respect to both their teachers and their peers. Students at MKA always follow the rules and understand their purpose which guides them on to a successful academic journey.
  • Responsibility- We encourage our students to be responsible for their actions and their choices, so they become confident future problem solvers and make positive contributions.
  • Resilience– Here at MKA we reassure students to not give up whenever things get difficult. We encourage them to embrace challenge and to demonstrate their ability to bounce back from it.
  • Aspiration– At MKA students are inspired to do well and are encouraged have the very highest of aspirations to unlock their full potential.
  • Equality– At MKA we are proud to be diverse and celebrate the breadth of experiences within our community.

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