Message from the Principal

Welcome to The Milton Keynes Academy, a vibrant and inspiring school where we are very proud of the ongoing achievements of our students.

Our vision is one where students aim to achieve the very highest standard they can and everyone’s potential is maximised. The golden thread that runs through everything we do at the academy is our desire and commitment to ensure that there are ‘Opportunities for Everyone’.

Our proactive approach to developing positive outcomes for our students has been recognised by Ofsted, who confirmed again in November 2017 that we are a ‘Good’ school.

We believe that our academy exists for its children and for our community. Within our unique building, students receive an inspiring and engaging education, supported by passionate and committed teachers.

We welcome students of all abilities to become part of a culture where high standards and the values of good behaviour, honesty and mutual respect are the hallmarks of academy life.

Our sponsor, the Creative Education Trust, helps us to ensure students develop as creative thinkers who are imaginative, resourceful and resilient. We invite you to visit and see for yourselves.

Fiona Seddon, Principal

Our Ethos:

  • We’re friendly. We create an atmosphere that is unpretentious, where students feel at ease and are able to be themselves.
  • We’re inclusive. Students, staff, parents, governors and the community as a whole are welcomed and enjoy being part of the Academy.
  • We’re personal. We work closely to encourage and support all students to achieve personal, academic and vocational skills.
  • We’re innovative. As we work closely within the community and develop relationships with local businesses, students will benefit from commercial reality.