Academy Council


It is the AC’s role to hold the Principal and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to account for the Academy’s educational, operational and financial performance.

In addition, the AC has an important role in representing the Academy to parents and the local community.

Members of the AC need to support and challenge the Principal and SLT of the Academy, asking for and receiving regular reports on progress against the Academy’s educational performance targets, seeing that there is a rich provision of co-curricular activity; making sure that the agreed annual budget is being adhered to; that pastoral, safeguarding and Health and Safety matters are attended to according to the published policies;  and that premises and grounds are maintained to a high standard.  The AC is also responsible for adjudicating on disciplinary and behaviour matters in accordance with such policies.


Members of the AC need to have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Academy, of the  strategies for improving performance set out in the annual Academy Development Plan and Self-Evaluation Form (“SEF”), and  the extent to which the Principal and SLT are making progress in delivering these strategies.


The role of the AC is to hold the Principal and SLT to account for the quality of:

  • Educational performance and extra-curricular provision
  • Operational effectiveness and budgetary efficient
  • Pastoral care, safeguarding, Health and Safety and premises

In addition, the AC is required to:

  • Adjudicate as required on disciplinary and behaviour matters
  • To foster good and active relationships between the Academy and parents and the wider community


All ACs are required to nominate one of their number to take the lead role on the following:

  • Safeguarding
  • Health and Safety
  • Vulnerable children with
    1. Special educational needs including highly able and
    2. Looked after and other whose needs are acute

Milton Keynes Academy Council 2019-20 
Chair (Health & Safety)Dr Philip H Smith MB
PrincipalMs Fiona Seddon
SEND/LAC Mr Vic Maher
Safeguarding Ms Alice Barnard
Ms Diane Taylor
Mr Gwayne Webb
Mr Adrian Bowater