Life after The Milton Keynes Academy Sixth Form

The main options at 18 are as follows:

  • University
  • Apprenticeships
  • Employment
  • Gap years

Thinking of going to university?

In many areas of life, a degree is still essential and if you want to secure a good financial future for yourself and your family, university is a good place to start.  Did you know that over an average 40 year working lifetime a graduate will earn £415,320 more than someone without a degree? (Labour Force Survey Figures).  If you have encountered an academic subject you love and want the opportunity to explore it more fully and meet others who share your interests, university is the place for you.

The decision to go to university must be taken alongside the choice of a specific subject.  There are several options here: choosing something you like, choosing something you are good at, choosing a qualification, or all three!  Whatever you decide to do at university, you will be able to pursue it for three years or more with expert guidance and tuition and in a place with excellent resources.

Students at The Milton Keynes Academy apply to university via Apply on the UCAS website found here.

All year 12 students start their applications during Careers and Higher Education Week in July, when they will have the opportunity to meet university staff and students, attend employer talks and take part in employability skills workshops.

Important advice:

  • Start your research as soon as possible to allow yourself enough time to investigate the various courses and different universities.
  • Visit as many University Open Days as you can as you will never get ‘the feel’ of the place through reading a glossy prospectus. Click here to find out when open days are taking place. Many universities are offering virtual open days this year
  • Use the Student Room website found here to speak to as many current students as you can. They will be able to give you important insider knowledge.

Gap Years

Some students choose to take a gap year before starting university, either to travel, volunteer, gain some valuable work experience or just earn some money.  If you are not quite ready to embark on further study but you do want to go to university, then a gap year could be for you.Further information on taking a gap year can be found on the Prospects website. This includes advice found here and opportunities found here. Make an appointment with Mrs O’Neill, Careers and Enterprise Manager, to discuss your plans


Some students will want to secure full time employment once they leave school.  The Careers Team can help you with your CV, job search and interview techniques. In addition, companies contact the Academy to offer career opportunities for our sixth form leavers.


Apprenticeships are being offered by an increasing number of firms to students who are bright and motivated but do not want to go to university.  They provide training in a specific career sector, allowing students to gain experience and professional qualifications in their chosen career whilst earning a salary.  They usually last 3-4 years, and in most cases, you will be ahead, in career terms, of your peers who decided to go down the university route.

The following websites provides links to the current schemes available:

The Careers Team will work with you to identify the right scheme for you and support you throughout your application.

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