Summer School Statement

At The Milton Keynes Academy we understand that Covid-19 has had a detrimental impact on students’ social skills, attendance, achievement and mental health.  In addition to running our exciting virtual transition events with interactive tasks for our new Year 7 cohort, The Milton Keynes Academy held a summer school.   

The aim of this programme was to deliver a blend of academic education and enrichment activities.  This provided students with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with our building and staff, as well as giving students a platform for September, through our literacy and numeracy offering.  There were also opportunities for students to access sporting activities, performing arts, science and catering lessons to build and develop their interpersonal skills, which had been stymied by the pandemic.

The Summer School also helped students to start to form new friendships as they began to meet children joining The Milton Keynes Academy from other primary schools.

Sixty-two Year 6 students joining The Milton Keynes Academy in September 2021 were offered the opportunity to take part in the Summer School with no cost to their family. These were students identified by the Academy and Primary schools as vulnerable and SEND where the extra transition opportunity would be more beneficial.

Over the course of the week, the students took part in a range of activities designed to support their emotional, academic and physical well-being.

Key information

  • The Summer School took place during week commencing Monday 9 August 2021
  • The day ran from 8:45 am – 3pm
  • Children were required to attend daily
  • Breakfast, a hot lunch and refreshments were provided each day
  • Educational resources such as stationery were provided to ensure the event remained Covid-19 secure
  • All pupils were offered support with transport to the event
  • There was a carousel timetable for students each day
  • Classes sizes were a maximum of 14

Summary of the Week’s Activities

MondayMusic, Drama, Art, Maths, Science, English
TuesdayMusic, Drama, Cooking, Maths, Science
WednesdayMusic, Drama, PE, Art, Maths, Science
ThursdayMusic, Drama, Cooking, Maths, Science, PE, Humanities
FridayMusic, Drama, Art, Maths, PE, Humanities

Student and Parent Evaluation

An MS form evaluation was completed by students who attended Summer School and their parents.

  • 100% of students made at least one new friend
  • 92% of students felt that they had got to know their way around the school
  • 100% of students said that they had met new teachers
  • 97% of students said that they had learnt something new
  • 97% of students said that they had tried something new
  • 100% of parents said that they felt happy with the communication over Summer School
  • 92% of parents said that they felt as though their child was less anxious about joining The Academy in September
  • 97% of parents felt that their child had learnt something new
  • 100% of parents said that their child had a positive experience at summer school


62 students expressed interest and were offered places at The Milton Keynes Academy Summer School and 62 students confirmed attendance, completing our key information form which included any medical needs. Out of the 62 students, ten did not attend at any point during the week.  Six of these students were self-isolating and four did not show. There was no communication prior to Summer School stating that they would not attend. Daily calls were made to any non-attenders.

DayExpectedActualPupil PremiumSEND


The Academy did not charge parent/carer for any aspect of the event.  Government income was £59.70 per child per day of attendance along with non-recoverable costs.

FundingExpectedActualActual Income
  Total income (Expected)£15,043 (£15,522)
DetailExpenditure (£)
Staffing Costs (teaching/support/catering)£11,618.19
Operational Costs£394.43