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Information for the New Year 7 September 2021

Year 6 Welcome message from the Principal

Dear Students and Families of our New Year 7

I am so pleased to be welcoming you at this time of optimism.  With schools returning from the 8th March and the vaccine reaching more and more of our community, we can begin to cautiously plan for the future.

We are delighted that you have chosen to come to the Milton Keynes Academy.  Rest assured that we have been working in partnership with your primary schools to ensure we know about you and your individual talents, skills and needs. 

Although we have not been able to have our usual Open Evening, I hope you were able to join us online.  We have another virtual event on Wednesday 17th March 2021 as a further Welcome Evening, when you will be able to get more information about your exciting start at MKA. 

We cannot yet provide you with details of our plans for induction days or your start in September, we can tell you that we will make sure that you be introduced to the school, your teachers and our fantastic facilities through the website page dedicated to you, our Class of 2021.  When you do come into school, you will receive special induction sessions so that you know how to keep safe as well as becoming accustomed to life at a secondary school.

At MKA, we pride ourselves on providing Opportunities for Everyone, and you will be no exception. One of the things that sets the Academy apart is that we are part of a wider family of schools, belonging as we do to the Creative Education Trust. Working alongside our wider family, we are able to provide you with a wealth of experiences and I hope that you come to us ready and willing to take on every opportunity that is offered.

Mr Copson, Head of Year 7, and his team will keep you informed of all you need to know by his weekly updates on the website, from details about uniform through to how the restaurant works.  Watch out for competitions and challenges that you can take part in now!

We are so looking forward to welcoming you.

Fiona Seddon

Message from your Head of Year, Mr Copson

Hello and welcome to your Academy, I know that it is a worrying time as you prepare for secondary school. My job is to make this process as smooth as possible. Please keep checking this website as it will be updated regularly on key information. If you have any questions, please do get in contact.

Milton Keynes Academy’s Fantastic Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Staff & Getting in Touch

Please contact any member of staff below if you have any questions.

Mr CopsonMr Kevin Copson – Head of Year 7 & Primary Partnerships Transition Manager


Telephone: 01908 341749
Mobile: 07544 165025
Mrs VictoriaMrs Victoria Asiedu-Dompreh – Success Centre Lead- EAL


Telephone: 01908 341717
Mr Iain Murdoch – SENDCO
Telephone: 01908 350967
Mobile: 07918 993616

Learning at Home

Parents click here for some remote learning guidance.

Studying at home guidance for students

When you are working from home, we want to ensure that you are able to continue to make progress in all of your subjects. This guidance will set realistic expectations for what Remote Learning looks like.

How will it work?

  • The expectation is that you will follow your normal timetable as closely as possible
  • For each lesson follow the guided resources on this document
  • You should spend the length of the lesson completing this work
  • If you do not understand an element of the work, or need help, you should be proactive in seeking help from all available sources. This includes using your notes and textbooks, contacting your class teacher, and utilising other resources
  • If you are still unsure or require help, contact the relevant teacher through email
  • Your teachers will respond no more than 24 hours after the timetabled lesson where possible
  • Responses may take the form of individual, or whole class guidance
  • Your teachers will inform you if work should be shared with them, and how you should do this
  • Your teachers may use a variety of methods to give you feedback on your work

How to be an excellent virtual learner

  • Keep your routine as close as possible to the normal school day.
  • Ensure you are working in an appropriate working environment, at a desk, and without distractions.
  • Put your phone away when you work.
  • You have a responsibility to be independent and proactive. Please contact the Academy if you experience any technical difficulties in accessing your work.

For further information on how to access lessons set by your teacher and other learning resources click the ‘Home earning guide’ button below.


Microsoft Teams
You will be asked for you full academy email address. You may also be redirected to the CET login page where you should use your username and password.
Quick start guide to Microsoft Teams

Oak National Academy

Seneca Learning

Hegarty Maths

Bedrock Learning

Library Online Services
Library Online Services – The Milton Keynes Academy

Support Contact Email

If you have any queries or require assistance regarding login/access issues for Microsoft Teams please email the following address: If you have any other queries, please contact

Use the ‘forgotten password’ tool if you are unable to log in to web based sites below.

SubjectResources for remote learning KS3
Accelerated Reader- student
Accelerated Reader – parent
If you need any support logging in to Bedrock Vocabulary, please email library support.
MathsHegarty Maths


If you forget your password for Mathswatch or HegartyMaths or you do not have a login email maths support.
GeneralCollins CoBuild dictionary that gives student friendly definitions

MK Libraries / eBooks/ other electronic resources

Free audio books

SubjectResources for independent learning KS4 & KS5
Art Learning resources for Catering and DT on Moodle

Illuminate Publishing Food preparation and nutrition Online text book

EDUQAS website : Food Preparation and Nutrition > Select Digital resources · > Choose from available topics, videos, links and worksheets

BBC Bitesize – Home Economics

Business GCSEPod

Seneca learning

BBC Bitesize – Business

Seneca Learning

BBC Bitesize – Computer Science

Craig’n’Dave AQA GCSE Computer Science videos
English GCSEPod

Seneca Learning

Mr Bruff videos

Bedrock Vocabulary

If you forget your password for Accelerated Reader or Bedrock Vocabulary or you do not have a login email library support.
Humanities GCSEPod
Maths Hegarty Maths


If you forget your password for Mathswatch or HegartyMaths or you do not have a login email maths support.


Corbett Maths

BBC Bitesize
MFL Linguascope

Performing Arts /
Digital Theatre Plus

Watch performances and interviews from Frantic Assembly

Search for Physical Theatre (there is a playlist).
Science Seneca Learning

Active learn


Khan Academy
Sport/PE GCSEPod

Seneca Learning
GeneralCollins CoBuild dictionary that gives student friendly definitions

MK Libraries / eBooks/ other electronic resources

Free audio books