Sixth Form Taster Sessions

Take your first steps to becoming a Level 3 student…..

We are offering you some taster activities to help you explore what studying subjects at Level 3 will be like, to ensure that you have made the right subject choices and to prepare you for the journey to come. Your subject teachers have put together a varied bank of activities to begin to get you thinking like Sixth Form students.

The difference between studying for GCSEs and studying for Level 3 courses, both A Levels and BTECs, is significant for every new Year 12 group, but it will be even more challenging for your Year group with such a prolonged period away from your school. After half term, to help you adjust to Level 3 work and to prepare you for September, you will be given some preparatory tasks for you to complete to provide a foundation for your Key Stage 5 studies.

Over the summer, you will receive a reading list and some preparatory work from each of your chosen subjects, so that in September you are ready and prepared for your next steps

We are still hopeful that we will be able to conduct Registration Days in July and you will have a chance to sample sixth form lessons, meet your new year group and your Level 3 teachers. However, we can only do this when it is safe to do so and in the event that we cannot do this, we will make alternative arrangements for this to take place remotely We will keep you updated when plans can be finalised.

In the meantime, please enjoy sampling the wide range of Level 3 courses the Academy has to offer.