How to support your child

To help you support your child as they head towards this very important time we’ve provided you with some guidance and materials so we can all work together in striving for success.


GCSEPod is an invaluable online resource of numerous short “pods” that focus on specific topics in a short burst of clear, concise information with specific terminology, definitions and explanations. Students can download an app to their phones so they can be revising when they are out and about. Pods can even be downloaded in advance so that it doesn’t eat into anyone’s data allowance. Use the pods to help with topics when your child is stuck on an exam question.


Hegarty Maths is an online Maths instruction, revision and assessment resource which promotes independent learning.  Use Hegarty Maths with your child as they go through the Maths Exam papers that can be found on Show My Homework (2 copies of the higher paper, 1 copy of the foundation).