Introduction to the SEND Department at Milton Keynes Academy

Milton Keynes Academy is an inclusive setting which aims to maximise the potential of all students regardless of learning needs or disability.

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Department operates as part of the wider inclusion framework to ensure that young people with special educational needs or disabilities are identified promptly, supported effectively and monitored for progress during their time at the Academy. In order to facilitate this the Department works closely with the pastoral and subject teams as well as outside agencies and other settings.

The Department is led by a qualified Special Educational Needs Coordinator and consists of a team of eleven intervention staff. These include Centre Leads (with responsibility for Key Stages as well as those students who have English as an additional or second language), Senior Intervention Assistants with specialist knowledge and experience and Intervention Assistants.

The Academy understands that support for young people with Special Educational Needs is the responsibility of all staff, therefore much of the support is delivered by subject teachers under the guidance of the SENCO and the SEND department. Individualised support is given to young people with more severe identified needs and this takes the form of in-class support as well as withdrawal, if necessary. The Academy has a number of designated areas where support is available for individuals or small groups.

Young people who have been identified with Special Educational Needs are provided with an Individual Learning Plan which is accessible to all staff and is reviewed annually. Parents / carers as well as the young people themselves are encouraged to contribute to these Plans.

The Special Educational Needs department welcomes comments and suggestions from parents and carers which will enable us to provide the very best support for our students. If you would like to discuss your child’s support requirements please do not hesitate to contact the Academy’s Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator, Mrs Ena Akinsoyinu

‘While the Academy expects all students to abide by the Code of Conduct, we do accept that in exceptional circumstances, where a young person’s behaviour may be judged to be a direct result of their needs or disabilities, discretion should be exercised regarding the implementation of sanctions. In such circumstances, the SENCO, working with the pastoral team, will use their discretion and will discuss the matter with parents / carers as well as with the student, with the intention of avoiding a re-occurrence.’