Curriculum Leader: Mrs K Addison

KS3 Music

Each class are on a rotation for the year. This means some classes will be studying Music whilst other classes will be studying Drama or Dance.

Year 7Overview of Topics Covered
1Rhythm Skills 1 
2Ensemble Skills 1 
3Singing Skills 1 
Year 8Overview of Topics Covered
1Rhythm Skills 2
2Ensemble Skills 2
3Singing Skills 2
Year 9Overview of Topics Covered
1Rhythm Skills 3
2Ensemble Skills 3
3Singing Skills 3

KS4 BTEC Music

UnitYear 10 – Overview of Topics Covered
5Unit 5 – pupils will have the opportunity to learn an instrument, and to work with an instrumental teacher to develop their knowledge and skills on their chosen instrument.  They will analyse their skill development and will set regular targets.  This will lead to a final performance which they will then evaluate. 
2Unit 2 – pupils will have the opportunity to manage a music product.  The project can range from live events, to radio shows and music magazines.  Pupils can explore music industry practices, including marketing and promotion, as well as ensuring the success of their final event.
1Unit 1 – external exam unit.  Pupils will develop their understanding of the music industry and be able to analyse and evaluate different sections, with reference to specific examples.
Year 11Overview of Topics Covered
All YearUnit 3 – pupils will have the opportunity to explore live sound.  This is an increasingly large part of the music industry.  They will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of microphones and their uses, to have practical experience of operating music technology during an event, as well as the analysing and developing their understanding of this element of the industry.