Curriculum Leader: Mr M Boyce


At the Academy, we teach for mastery to build knowledge and skills. The core principal of mastery is that everyone can achieve and learn mathematics given enough time and expert teaching. Each topic is expertly taught in greater depth with opportunities to apply skills, develop fluency and solve problems in different contexts.

KS3 Maths

Year 7Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Understanding number
Autumn 2Properties of shapes & angles 
Spring 1Algebra – simplifying expressions & basic equations & inequalities 
Spring 2Fractions decimals & percentages 
Summer 1Algebra – substitution & sequences 
Summer 2Area & transformations of shapes 
Year 8Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Algebra – solving equations & inequalities. Linear graphs
Autumn 2Rounding, estimation & bounds 
Spring 1Ratio and proportion 
Spring 2Averages, presenting & interpreting data 
Summer 1Averages, presenting & interpreting data 
Summer 2Angles, bearings, area & volume (including circles) 
Year 9Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Algebra – quadratic equations 
Autumn 2Probability
Spring 1Shape – constructions, loci & Pythagoras’ theorem 
Spring 2Ratio & proportion 
Summer 1Algebra – simultaneous equations & indices 
Summer 2Indices & standard form.  Exponential growth & decay 

KS4 GCSE Mathematics –

Year 10Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Angles, Bearings, Circle Theorems
Autumn 2Probability, including conditional probability 
Spring 1Algebra – equations, inequalities & simultaneous equations 
Spring 2Fractions, decimals, percentages & surds 
Summer 1Shape – Pythagoras, trigonometry & vectors 
Summer 2Averages 
Direct & inverse proportion 
Year 11Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Constructions & Loci 
Autumn 2Proofs & iteration 
Spring 1Indices & standard form  
Spring 2Box plots, histograms 
Capture & recapture 
Summer 1Revision & exam preparation 
Summer 2GCSE Exams