Curriculum Leader: M Boyce


At the Academy, we teach for mastery to build knowledge and skills. The core principal of mastery is that everyone can achieve and learn mathematics given enough time and expert teaching. Each topic is expertly taught in greater depth with opportunities to apply skills, develop fluency and solve problems in different contexts.


YearOverview of Topics Covered
7In year 7 we cover the foundations of mathematics; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry and averages. These skills are applied to problems involving negative numbers and algebraic expressions. Interspersed are Big 6 projects with a maths focus.
8In year 8 we build on the foundations of year 7 and introduce problems with fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio. The Cornerstone Project allows students to investigate graphs motion in preparation for GCSE.


YearOverview of Topics Covered
9In year 9 we look at accuracy and error intervals using bounds, perimeter, area and volume, fractions and probability, form, solve and rearrange equations and inequalities, expand and factorise quadratic expressions, Pythagoras’ theorem, indices and standard form, construction and loci and linear graphs.
10In year 10 we look at problems involving bounds, surface area, solve simultaneous and quadratic equations, tree diagrams and real life and quadratic graphs.
11In year 11 we look at advanced statistical calculations and diagrams, vectors, transformations, similar shapes, trigonometry and proportion problems. We revise topics learned in Year 9 and 10 in readiness for GSCE.