Curriculum Leader: Mr W Mernagh

KS3 History

Year 7 Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Pre 1066 – Norman Conquest
Autumn 2 Pre 1066 – Norman Conquest
Spring 1Medieval Britain
Spring 2 Medieval Britain
Summer 1Tudor England
Summer 2Tudor England
Year 8Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1The Stuarts and the French revolution
Autumn 2The Stuarts and the French revolution
Spring 1Empire and the new world
Spring 2Empire and the new world
Summer 1Industrial Revolution
Summer 2Industrial Revolution
Year 9 HistoryOverview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1World War One
Autumn 2Interwar Years 1918-1939 
Spring 1Second World War
Spring 2Holocaust
Summer 1USA 1954 – 75
Summer 2USA 1954-75

KS4 GCSE History – Edexcel

Year 10Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Crime and Punishment in Medieval England c1000-1500
Elizabethan England – Queen, government, and religion 1558-69
USA 1950’s
Autumn 2Superpower relations – origins of the cold war
Crime and Punishment in early Modern England c1500-1700
USA 1960’s
Spring 1Elizabethan England – Challenges to Elizabeth at home and abroad 1569-88
Superpower relations – 3 crisis
Vietnam War – Origins
Spring 2Crime and Punishment in the 18th and 19th century c1700-1900
Vietnam War – Opposition
Summer 1Elizabethan England – Elizabethan society on the age of exploration. 1558-88
Superpower relations – end of the cold war
Summer 2Crime and Punishment in Modern Britain c1900 – present
Whitechapel, crime and policing in the inner city 1870-1900
Year 11Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Vietnam War – Section 1
Whitechapel – Section 5 Crime
Retrieval – Crime 1000 -1500
Autumn 2Cold War
Elizabethan England
Retrieval – USA Civil Rights
Spring 12 WEEK rotation of
– Crime
– Elizabethan England
– Superpower relation
Spring 2 2 WEEK rotation of
– Crime
– Elizabethan England
– Superpower relation
Summer 1Revision programme based on USA divided union. 2 weeks
Summer 2Exam period