Curriculum Leader: M Dubray

KS3 German

Year 7Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Meine Welt und ich.
Name, numbers, birthday, alphabet, where you live, describing personality.
Autumn 2Familie und Tiere Pets, family members, describing people, colours, birthdays and belongings.
Spring 1Freizeit. Sports and hobbies. Frequency. Days of week and months.
Spring 2Freizeit continued. Online activities.
Summer 1Schule ist klasse. School subjects, opinions. Days of week, time, describing teachers and school facilities and rules.
Summer 2Gute Reise. Describing your town. Shopping, buying food and drink. Holiday plans.
Year 8Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Ich liebe Ferien.
Comparing cities. Describing past holiday. Saying how you travelled. Describing the weather.
Autumn 2Bist du ein Medienfan? Stating film preferences. Discussing TV shows. Reading habits. Discussing online activities. Stating and justifying opinions.
Spring 1Klassenreisen. Discussing a school trip, school rules. Describing a typical day. Directions.
Spring 2Klassenreisen continued Describing a festival.
Summer 1Wir gehen aus. Clothes, planning a date, making plans to go out. Discussing a date.
Summer 2Bleib gesund. Saying what you eat for a typical breakfast. Learning about German food, recipes and healthy lifestyle.
Year 9Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Vorbilder
Discussing your role models, life experiences. Body parts and overcoming misfortune.
Autumn 2Meine Ambitionen Talking about your ambitions, jobs and reasons for doing different jobs. Describing work experience.
Spring 1Musik. Discussing types of music and preferences.
Spring 2Musik continued Discussing bands and describing musical festivals.Ma vie en musique continued Comparing secondary and primary schools.
Summer 1Die Kindheit. Talking about your childhood, childhood activities . Comparing primary and secondary schools. Literary texts.
Summer 2Rechte und Pflichten.
Age limits and laws, saying what’s important to you and why, comparing life now and in the past.

KS4 GCSE German – AQA

Year 10Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1School Theme 3
School subjects. Uniform, comparisons with primary school. Typical day. School rules. German school system, school trips and exchanges.
Autumn 2Freetime Theme 1
Leisure activities. Hobbies, reading habits and music preferences. TV and cinema. Sport, celebrations and festivals.
Spring 1Relationships Theme 1
Describing photos, physical descriptions of people. Friendship and family relationships. Views on marriage. Weekend activities comparing life now and in the past.
Spring 2Exchange Theme 2 Greeting exchange partner. Describing home. Typical day. Food and drink. Shopping for food. Traditional German meals.
Summer 1Exchange Theme 2
Healthy lifestyle. Using social media and technology. Pros and cons of technology.
Summer 2Town Theme 2 Transport, buying train tickets, booking a hotel. Describing accommodation. Places in town and directions.
Year 11Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Holidays Theme 2
Countries and holiday locations. Weather. Types of holiday and describing past holidays. Holiday plans. Describing pros and cons of towns.
Autumn 2World of work Theme 3 Jobs, places of work, hours and pay. Work experience. Job descriptions, dream jobs benefits of foreign language learning.
Spring 1The global dimension Theme 2
Describing festival/events. Global sporting events. Social problems for young people. Homelessness and poverty.
Spring 2Revision of topics from all 3 themes as necessary. Revision and preparation for speaking exam. Focus on teaching exam skills.
Summer 1Final exams.
Summer 2