Subject co-ordinator: Ms G Willis

KS3 Geography

Year 7Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Map skills
Autumn 2The UK – Settlement
Spring 1Weather and Climate
Spring 2Sustainability
Summer 1Spotlight on Africa
Summer 2Climate Fieldwork
Year 8Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Glaciation
Autumn 2Polar regions and Glaciation
Spring 1Coasts
Spring 2Global population
Summer 1Spotlight on Asia
Summer 2Urban Fieldwork
Year 9 Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1World War One
Autumn 2Interwar Years 1918-1939 
Spring 1Second World War
Spring 2Holocaust
Summer 1USA 1954 – 75
Summer 2USA 1954-75

KS4 GCSE Geography – AQA

Year 10Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Climate change and Ecosystems
Autumn 2Tropical Rainforests and Hot Deserts
Spring 1Rivers and Coasts [part]
Spring 2Coasts [part] and Urban Issues
Summer 1Urban Issues continued
Summer 2Urban Issues [finalise] and Fieldwork
Year 11Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1The changing economic world
Autumn 2 The changing economic world
Spring 1Rescource management
Spring 2Issue evaluation and Revision [Fieldwork]
Summer 1Issue evaluation and Revision [Exams begin]
Summer 2Exams