Curriculum Leader: L Raven

KS3 English

Year 7Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Fiction extracts and Creative Writing
Autumn 2Novel Study (A Monster Calls)
Spring 1Prose Study (Frankenstein)
Spring 2Poetry Collection
Summer 1Genre Study (Myths and Legends)
Summer 2Introduction to Shakespeare (Heroes and Villains)
Year 8Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Language exploration: Fiction extracts
Autumn 2Prose Study (Where The World Ends)
Spring 1Shakespeare Study (Much Ado About Nothing)
Spring 2American Literature Unit
Summer 1Poetry from other cultures
Summer 2Pre 1914 short stories
Year 9Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Dystopian fiction extracts
Autumn 2Novel study (Lord of the Flies/Animal Farm)
Spring 1Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)
Spring 2Poetry from different perspectives
Summer 1Poetry and non-fiction study on the theme of love
Summer 2Study of a play

KS4 GCSE English – AQA

Year 10Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Language Paper 1 skills
Autumn 2A Christmas Carol
Spring 1Fiction and Non-Fiction reading unit
Spring 2Macbeth
Summer 1An Inspector Calls
Summer 2Language Paper 2 skills (Persuasive writing) and speaking and listening task
Year 11Overview of Topics Covered (Covid catch-up 2020-21 only)
Autumn 1Paper 1 Language
Autumn 2Macbeth
Speaking and Listening
Mock Exams
Begin A Christmas Carol
Spring 1A Christmas Carol
Paper 2 Language
Spring 2Paper 2 Language
An Inspector Calls
Summer 1Revision all units
Summer 2Terminal exams begin