Business & Computing

Curriculum Leader: Mr M Davu



YearOverview of Topics Covered
7Staying Safe Online, The Components of a Computer, Computational Thinking, Creating Algorithms, Text-based Programming, Using Subroutines and Human Computer Interaction
8Staying Safe Online, Using Binary Numbers, Instruction Set Design, Programming using Selection and Boolean Expressions, Sorting Algorithms and Computer Networks


YearOverview of Topics Covered
9Data Representation, Algorithms and Computer Systems
10Programming, Aspects of Software Development, Computer Networks and Cyber Security
11Ethical, Legal and Environmental Impacts of Digital Technology and Programming Project



YearOverview of Topics Covered
9Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Spotting a Business Opportunity, Putting a Business Idea into Practice
10Making the Business Effective, Understanding External Influences on Business, Growing the Business
11Making Operational Decisions, Making Financial Decisions, Making Human Resource Decisions