Curriculum Leader: Ms N Stephenson

KS3 Computing & Digital Literacy

Year 7Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Staying safe online
Using technology responsibly
MS Teams
Autumn 2Cloud based computing
Spring 1The components of a computer
Spring 2Computational thinking
Summer 1Creating algorithms
Summer 2Programming essentials
Year 8Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn1Computer Crime
Autumn 2Cyber Security
Graphics – Vector
Spring 1Graphics – Bitmap
Spring 2Binary numbers
Data Representation
Summer 1Block based programming
Summer 2Game design
Year 9Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Graphical User Interface
Autumn 2Mobile app development
Spring 1Legislation
Promotional Materials
Spring 2Networks
Summer 1Text Based Programming
Summer 2Programming project

KS4 GCSE Computer Science – OCR

Year 10Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Architecture of the CPU
CPU performance
Embedded systems
Autumn 2Primary storage (Memory)
Secondary storage
Boolean logic
Algorithms and Programming
Spring 1Algorithms and Programming
Computational thinking
Designing, creating, and refining algorithms
Searching and sorting algorithms
Systems software
Spring 2Algorithms and Programming
Operating systems
Utility software
Computer networks, connections, and protocols
Networks and topologies
Wired and wireless networks, protocols, and layers
Summer 1Algorithms and Programming
Data types
Additional programming techniques
Summer 2Programming project
Year 11Overview of Topics Covered
Autumn 1Network Security
Threats to computer systems and networks
identifying and preventing vulnerabilities
Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental impacts of digital technology
Autumn 2Producing robust programs
Defensive design
Programming languages and integrated development
The integrated development environment (IDE)
Spring 1
Consolidation and Revision
CPU performance
Embedded systems
Primary storage
Boolean logic
Spring 2Consolidation and Revision
Systems architecture
Data storage
Systems software
Computer networks
Programming fundamentals
Summer 1Revision for Exams
Summer 2