KS4 Options

Welcome to our KS4 Options  

Selecting courses to study at KS4 is a very important step on the education journey for our students.  We want to support all our students to make the right decisions, so that they can be successful and enjoy their learning and ensure that they have access to their future pathways into further or higher education and ultimately, into employment. 

KS4 Curriculum Evening 

KS4 Options Booklet

Click on the image for our KS4 Options booklet which gives further information about the KS4 curriculum offer and the choices within it.  

Further information about our options and the process, will be shared at the KS4 Curriculum Evening which is running this year on Thursday 31st March from 4pm to 7pm. We do hope that parents, carers and Year 9 students will be able to join us at this important event.

Making your choices 

Once students have decided on their options, they should either return the paper copy of their completed options form (enclosed in the pack posted home) or respond to the MS form which has been emailed to their school email account.

The deadline for completed options forms is Wednesday 27th April 2022. 

Some useful websites

BBC Bitesize – Everything you need to know about choosing your GCSE subjects

UCAS – GCSE Choices: Practical Ways to Guide Students

The Uni Guide – How important are GCSE choices when it comes to university?

Career pilot – Choosing your GCSEs