GCSE Success at MKA

After a second year in which schools were intermittently closed and public examinations did not take place, Milton Keynes Academy congratulates their Year 11 students. Despite facing tremendous adversity, our students have been rewarded with a strong set of GCSE results this year, both as a whole year group, and in many individual cases. In this unprecedented time, our staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students have achieved the grades that they deserve, and this has been confirmed by the exam boards, congratulations to all.

A number of our students have achieved grade 9 results, including:

  • Kourosh Jaafari (6)
  • Vishali Ganeshan (3)
  • Thushithan Ganehan (3)
  • Harriet Yerbury (1)
  • Joud Birakdar (1)

Kourosh, delighted with his six grade 9s was ecstatic, ‘It’s been difficult year, but I have got through it. Everyone was really supportive and helpful.’

Having achieved three grade 9s, alongside four grade 8s and other higher grades, Vishali commented, ‘It’s been a hard year and I’m really pleased that my results reflect how much effort I have put in at school and during the lock downs. I’m very thankful to the teachers at MKA for all the hard work they put in and encouraging me to do well.’

Thrilled with her results, Harriet said, ‘I’m so happy; it was a good year. My teachers helped me so much and were very supportive. I am really thankful.’

Principal Fiona Seddon reflected, ‘We are very proud of the success of our students and staff. We would also like to thank our families for their unyielding support in helping their children achieve the grades that they deserve. Congratulations to our students; they have demonstrated independence and resilience which we have no doubt will serve them well as they embark on their next steps.’

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